See clearly with Labcraft LED lighting

KRS Australia are proud to be stockists of quality Labcraft LED lighting. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Labcraft are Europe’s leading developer of innovative, sustainable low-voltage lighting solutions.

Easy to install, Labcraft LED lights are ideal for a wide range of transport applications, such as commercial, marine, and leisure vehicles. By using the latest high-power LED technology, you’ll reduce power consumption by up to 75% across more than 60,000 hours of operation.

With interior and exterior lighting options, you’re guaranteed exceptional visibility in any conditions, day or night. Labcraft LED lights exceed the latest health and safety recommendations, making OH&S compliance easy. This makes Labcraft’s vehicle lights the obvious choice for commercial, emergency or remote application.

High on visibility, low on energy consumption

Light where you need it

KRS stocks a wide assortment of energy efficient LED lighting options to suit a range of vehicle applications, inside or out. Strip lights housing from 12 to 96 LED lights are an easy way to provide even lighting in the cargo bay of a work van or truck trailer.

The compact Microlux lights are small enough to be placed into just about any nook or corner where extra visibility is needed. And the Labcraft Scenelite and Worklites are ideal for external use as a powerful, portable light source on the go. In fact, the unique curved design of the Scenelite model distributes clean, white light in an arc that can cover more than 30m2.

Preserve battery life

LED lights are the most energy efficient form of lighting available by far. They provide outstanding brightness with minimal power draw. Unlike halogen alternatives, LED lights can use up to 75% less energy, minimising drain on your battery when in use.

The Nebula models come with in-build on-off switches, or motion sensors. These sensors automatically switch the light off after a period of inactivity to further reduce battery drain.

Long-lasting visibility

Labcraft lights are built tough to last under tough conditions. Many lighting options are waterproof or water-resistant enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Some models are also able to withstand pressure washing or the low temperatures in refrigerated trailers. Solid aluminium casing featured in many products allows for cool operation and hard-wearing durability.

Many of the Labcraft products we stock are multi-voltage and operate safely in a 10-32V range. This allows for easy installation in utility vehicles, vans, trucks, campervans, boats and trailers.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features across the Labcraft vehicle lighting range:

  • energy efficient LED lighting
  • maximum light output with minimal heat output
  • bright, even spread of light for ease of visibility
  • multi voltage operation (10-32V)
  • integrated on-off power switches, motion sensors and auto power-off
  • strip lights available with 12, 24, 48 or 96 LED lights
  • up to 75% less energy consumption than alternate light sources
  • light but tough aluminium construction
  • weather and waterproof
  • easy installation

Create a safer working environment

Labcraft LED lights make it easy to deliver strong, even lighting when you’re on the road for work or leisure. Increase visibility in the interior of a work van, truck or trailer and make it easy to find what you need.

Whether you drive a commercial vehicle, emergency vehicle, or leisure vehicle, you’ll find the right lighting solution in our product range. Shine a powerful light whenever you need to light your way in the dark, be it a worksite, or campsite.

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