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Lightweight ladder racks built for heavy duty use

If you’re an electrician, plumber, builder or handyman, ladders are essential tools of your trade. No matter what size ladder you need on the job, KRS ladder rack mounts and rails can transport your ladders safely.

Manufactured in Australia, our aluminium ladder rails include specially mounted low-friction skid blocks and rail extrusions to make loading and unloading your ladders fast, easy and safe.

The KRS mounting kit also includes, as standard, a pair of anodised ladder hoops and a camloc ratchet strap to secure your ladders and keep them firmly in place during transit.

Designed for commercial use

Safe rear loading

Designed to attach securely to most roof rack systems, KRS ladder rails allow you to safely load ladders from the rear of your vehicle. This feature enhances user-safety by eliminating exposure to traffic that can result from tying ladders to the driver-side of a vehicle. Simply lean the ladder against the low-friction skids found at the rear of the ladder rack, lift and slide easily into position.

Install multiple racks

Australian-made KRS ladder rails are extremely strong, yet light, to minimise additional weight when affixing up to two ladder racks to your vehicle. The rail mounts fit most standard roof racks to allow quick and easy mounting to existing cross bars.

Alternatively, position your ladder rails to one side and use the remaining rack space to secure other items required on the job.

Suitable for a range of vehicles

The KRS roof rack ladder rail systems come in various sizes to suit a wide range of commercial vehicles and most importantly ladder lengths. Designed and manufactured locally, our ladder rails for utes, vans and sedans are quick and easy to attach, remove, or reposition to provide the versatility you need.

For utility vehicles, the 2m ute tray ladder rails are short enough and light enough to affix to single cab aluminium tray lids. Larger ute ladder rails can be attached to the roof of cabs and canopies to provide extra carrying capacity for your ladders.

While KRS ladder rails are engineered from lightweight, anodised aluminium, be sure to check the load capacity for your vehicle’s lid, canopy or roof.

Proven durability

The range of KRS accessories have been extensively tested and proven in local and international fleet markets. More than 20,000 ladder rails have been fitted to vehicles throughout Europe with ZERO warranty claims to date.

We only use quality materials to fabricate our vehicle accessories to ensure quality products that stand up to the wear and tear of regular use by trade professionals.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features in the KRS ladder racks:

  • anodised aluminium rails and ladder hoops for long-wearing durability
  • one pair of anodised ladder hoops to keep ladders securely in place
  • one camloc mount ratchet strap included for additional restraint capacity
  • extension ladder kits available in 3 sizes
  • step ladder kits available in 2 sizes

Transport your ladders with ease

Enjoy the ease of loading and unloading your ladders with specially mounted, low-friction skid blocks and rail extrusions to help guide them swiftly and smoothly into place.

Explore the range to find the right-sized ladder rails for your needs.

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