Labcraft Nebula LED Strip Light


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Labcraft Nebula LED Strip Light long life high intensity LEDs

The Labcraft Nebula LED Strip Light incorporates the Orizon LED strip light.

The Orizon strip light uses the latest in LED technology providing optimum performance and extended life.

The properties of these LEDs provide greater luminosity resulting in a brighter unit

The requirement for fewer LEDs therefore means lower power draw.

Robust and easy to install

The Nebula is manufactured using a tough aluminium housing to provide a bright, low profile, surface mounted LED lighting solution, which is quick and easy to install. Available with 24 high intensity LEDs*, this light unit is suitable for a wide range of applications.  12 Volt with integrated switch.

Waterproof to IP67

The PCB, components and LEDs are completely encapsulated with polyurethane protecting against moisture ingress.

Available in Cool White (SI5CW)

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Dimensions 63 × 4.4 × 2 cm
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