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Features of the Labcraft Powerlux

LED True White technology

Labcraft Powerlux delivers a clean white light, imitating natural daylight and producing a safe working environment. The Powerlux will provide you with a comfortable 20 lux – the minimum suggested rating for lighting at work.

Longer Lide and Less Energy

With up to 70% less energy of tungsten lighting and greater than 50 times longer life not only saves on maintenance costs but also vehicle downtime

Low Profile Design (17mm)

Designed with a contoured shape designed for surface mounting in the load cabin without obstructing dividers. Installing the Powerlux is a quick and simple process.

IP67 rated

Allowing for pressure washing and harsh and challenging environments such as refrigerated units


Length : 298mm
Width: 100mm
Height : 15mm
Voltage Range: 10 to 32V
Average Current: 12V = 0.67A, 24V = 0.32A
Illuminance: 275 lux @ 1M, 60 lux @ 2.6M
Total Lumen Output: 500
LED’s : 5 x 1.25W = 6.25W
Weight: 460g
Temp Range: -30 to + 40

Weight 0.460 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 1.5 cm
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