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Features of the Labcraft Worklite

High Output Cree LED’s

The Labcraft Worklite uses Cree LED technology to provide a natural clean white light and ensure a safer working environment

More then 1200 lumens output

Utilising absolutely the best LED technology from Cree, the LED Worklite delivers 1281 umens, providing  up to an average of 40 lux spread across six square metres (taken from in-house testing results)

Low Energy (only 18W)

In comparison to most tungsten scene lights using 40-50W of power to produce 500-700 lumens

Unique Light Projections

The Worklite delivers superior illumination thanks to a unique design. All six LED’s are firstly angled at 40 degrees toward the ground, the outer two are then tilted a further 30 degrees to each side, providing a broad light distribution

Waterproof to IP67

The tough outer case enclosing the internal sensitive components providing sufficient protection against water ingress


Length: 310mm
Width: 82mm
Height: 38mm
Voltage Range: 10 to 32V
Average Current: 12V = 1.5A, 24V = 0.75A
Light Output: 1281 lm
LED Power: 6 x 2.5W = 15W
Weight: 450g
Temp Range: -20 to + 40

Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 31 × 8 × 4 cm
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Car Model
Model Year All


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