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Ute and canopy roof racks for extra versatility

Your ute is your workhorse, designed to transport tools, gear and equipment of all shapes and sizes. But are you maximising your storage and transport capacity? A roof rack for your canopy or ute lid is a smart way to increase the versatility of your vehicle.

KRS ute and canopy roof racks are made right here in Australia from tough, lightweight ABS plastic and aluminium. While they are built to safely carry up to 100kg on steel-framed, aluminium canopies, these roof racks are light enough to use on fibreglass canopies to carry lower load weights (50kg).

Their streamlined design not only enhances the look of your vehicle but reduces drag. This virtually eliminates wind noise and reduces fuel consumption, making them the smart choice for regular use.

Increase your load-carrying capacity

Canopy roof racks

Ute canopies are an excellent way to store and protect valuable tools and smaller items from the weather, or prying eyes. However, any closed unit will have limitations when it comes to the length or height of goods it can carry.

If you need to transport longer items such as timber or PVC piping, a roof rack system for your canopy will make the job so much quicker and easier. You may already have canopy roof rack rails and simply need to install rail-mounted cross-bars for added support and stability.

The strong, lightweight construction of KRS’s Australian-made canopy roof racks make them ideal for aluminium or fibreglass canopies. They are rated to carry up to 50kg on ute lids or fibreglass canopies, and up to 100kg on steel-framed canopies. Please check the individual load rating for your vehicle’s canopy, as it may need additional internal framework to support this weight.

Ute roof racks

Ute lid racks

With the KRS mount systems and roof bars made from heavy-duty ABS plastic and aluminium, the lightweight design makes it safe and easy to attach to aluminium or fibreglass ute lids.

This is the perfect solution for long or bulky items that may not weigh much, but are awkward to secure in a tray, or for extra storage if your tray is tight on space. Before installing, always check the load rating for your vehicle’s lid to ensure it can support additional weight.

Dual cab utes

The extra cabin space dual cab utes give is a great compromise between a sedan for family needs, and a single cab ute that’s all work. But the trade-off is you lose the carrying capacity of a full-length tray for one that can be significantly shorter.

This is where roof rack systems come into their own to increase the functionality of your dual cab ute. Just like sedans, many dual cab utes come with factory-fitted roof rails to mount a roof rack system, making it quick and easy to install cross bars.

In addition to the upright carrying capacity of your dual cab’s tray, a roof rack system means you can expand your vertical carrying capacity too.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features across the KRS ute rack range:

  • designed for use with the KRS Mini Footrack.
  • 100kg load rating* on steel-framed canopies (50kg load rating* on fibreglass canopies and ute lids)
  • sliding bars to provide greater loading versatility
  • aerodynamic design to minimise drag and noise
  • customisable bar lengths to suit your vehicle’s design

Features may vary between makes/models; please check the individual products for exact details.

* Always check your vehicle’s manual to determine the load rating on lids and canopies.

Maximise your ute’s carrying efficiency

Enjoy the versatility KRS roof racks deliver for your single cab, dual cab, or extra cab ute. With options to fit canopies, tray lids and roof space, it’s easy to create additional carrying space for your work vehicle.

Find the right canopy or roof rack system for your ute from the KRS product range.

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