About Us

Kinetics Engineering is the original company that became the foundation for the Kinetics Group of Companies. It began very humbly in suburban Adelaide in 1989 and was formed to develop innovative products for Australian and export markets. Since our beginnings, we have been 100% Australian owned and manufactured. We are committed to designing, innovating, and creating equipment that serves the trade and commercial vehicle industry, for both fleets and tradespeople.


Now better known as KRS Australia, we maintain a local and vertically integrated supply chain, allowing us to deliver our products in a timely and agile manner. By managing everything locally, we can quickly respond with products for new and ever-changing vehicle markets. This adaptability enables us to grow and tailor our offerings to suit industry needs promptly. Our integrated supply chain supports over 150 local jobs in our economy. The Kinetics Group has acquired a vast assortment of local manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to produce KRS commercial vehicle products in Australia.

These capabilities are spread across multiple facilities specializing in:

  • Advanced injection and blow molding
  • Precision metal works (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Tooling and machining centers
  • Part treatment and powder coating
  • CNC routing of wood composite materials
  • Assembly and warehousing for domestic and export