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Make vehicle access easier with KRS grab handles

Grab handles (or D handles) make a useful addition to a range of vehicles where extra support or leverage is required.

You might regularly need to access the roof of your vehicle to secure items to a rack, and need something to grab hold of for extra stability. Perhaps you’re a keen off-roader and know your passengers will appreciate something solid to hang on to when the ride gets bumpy. Or you might drive a truck or motorhome with a high seating position that’s difficult to get in and out of.

Whatever your reason, KRS universal grab handles provide reliable stability and support to any vehicle, making them the perfect accessory for transit vans, trucks, caravans, utes and 4WDs.

Support where you need it

Tough and durable

These heavy duty, 100% Australian-made grab handles are made from nylon reinforced with glass and a rubber gusset. Sturdy nuts and bolts are supplied to affix handles to any suitable point on your vehicle, such as the rear of your van, or entry point of your truck cab.

They’re tough enough to withstand regular use, providing reliable support and balance to vehicle entry and exit points day-in and day-out.

Built for business

There is no point having grab handles for vans, 4WDs, trucks or utes that are too small or delicate to use. KRS D handles provide a 200mm long base that firmly secures a 145mm length handle, allowing plenty of room for large hands to easily find purchase.

The matt finish on these handles also ensures a non-slip surface for added safety for wet or damp hands. These are a great accessory to significantly reduce slips and falls around vehicles.

Increased accessibility

Larger vehicles can be difficult to get in and out of, which is where a secure point to grab hold of can help prevent slips or falls. Alternatively, if you’ve often got your arms full when entering or exiting your vehicle, or need to load goods onto a roof rack, a well-positioned grab handle can help you retain your balance while you offload items.

They’re also a great addition to help those who may have other accessibility issues and need a little extra help and support to get in and out of a vehicle. KRS grab handles are easy to install in multiple locations as needed.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features in KRS grab handles:

  • sold as a pair complete with fittings
  • heavy duty construction for heavy duty use
  • ideal for trucks, vans, utes, trailers, caravans and more
  • install anywhere additional support or access points are required

Please note: a nutsert gun is required to correctly install these handles

Install a helping hand where you need it most

Whether you drive a truck, ute or van, grab handles are an easy way to create a helping hand for additional stability and support. The robust design of KRS D handles will ensure many years of reliable use wherever you place them on your vehicle.

Head to the product page to order a pair of grab handles made in Australia to suit your vehicle access needs.

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