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Roof rack systems built for ease of transport

KRS Australian-made roof rack systems are designed to fit a wide range of SUVs, 4WDs, utes or cars on the market. No matter what your drive, or what you need to transport, our range of systems make it easy to expand your load carrying capacity without breaking the bank.

Made from strong, lightweight aluminium, KRS roof rack and rail systems are aerodynamically engineered and streamlined to produce the least amount of wind noise of any roof racks currently on the market.

Choosing the best car roof rack system for your needs

A roof rack is a safe, convenient, compact way to transport long, bulky or awkward items and maximise your carrying capacity. From PVC piping to kayaks, roof racks provide additional storage capacity without taking up extra space in your vehicle’s cabin space, or the need to tow a trailer.

Fitting a roof rack

Your vehicle may already come equipped with points on the roof to accommodate roof rack bars. Or you may need to first install a suitable roof rack support system to carry loads on the canopy of a utility vehicle safely and efficiently.

Our Australian-made roof rack systems are manufactured to fit a wide variety of mounting systems for a secure load. Whether you’re transporting goods from site to site, or heading off-road for the weekend, you’ll find a system that can be set up to accommodate your cargo needs.

Before purchasing any system, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before choosing which system to install to ensure it meets the safety requirements. Your vehicle’s carrying capacity can impact how well it handles on the road, as well as its braking efficiency.

It’s also important to consider how you load your roof rack to make sure you can distribute the weight of your cargo as evenly as possible. Loads that are tall, top heavy, or unevenly balanced can cause stability issues for your vehicle when on the road.

What to look for

A basic roof rack system may be all you need for extra cargo space for the occasional trips that you need more storage options. But for tradies or regular off-roaders, who regularly transport a lot of gear, you’ll need something more robust and purpose-built for your vehicle.


KRS racks are rated to carry a hefty 100kg load, however, always check your vehicle manufacturers load rating on factory fitted rails. It won’t matter how robust your roof rack is if your prefitted rails can’t support it or your load.


When you’re carrying extra on board, the last thing you need is unnecessary additional weight. That’s why KRS use quality aluminium for strong, lightweight utility. We want to make sure you have as much carrying capacity as possible, without your roof rack taking up more than its fair share of the load weight.


A sliding roof rack system can be fully adjustable and suitable for accommodating different sized loads on demand. Bars can be expanded out to provide more stability for longer loads, or pushed closer together for more compact loads. If your load has uneven weight distribution, you can centre the heaviest part for greater stability. If this sounds great to you, see if a sliding roof rack system is available for your vehicle.


Some systems can create considerable wind noise, or whistling, when not loaded. KRS roof racks are engineered to be the quietest on the market. The streamlined design reduces drag, which not only minimises the noise it causes, but can also improve fuel efficiency and reduce running costs.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features across the KRS range:

  • twin bolt clamp system for maximum clamping strength
  • 100kg load rating* to maximise your carrying capacity
  • non-corrosive stainless steel fasteners
  • pivoting base for best angle to mount alloy cross bars
  • sliding bars to provide greater loading versatility
  • aerodynamic design to minimise drag and noise

Features may vary between makes/models; please check the individual products specific to your vehicle.

* Always check your vehicle’s manual to determine the load rating on prefitted factory rails. While KRS can guarantee a 100kg load rating for our roof racks, we cannot make guarantees on behalf of rails fitted by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Expand your cargo storage and transportation capacity

KRS offers a wide range of roof rack systems for a variety of makes of vehicle on the market. Whether your vehicle comes with gutter mount points, prefitted rails or mounting points for foot plates, KRS will have a system to suit.

Explore our range and enjoy the additional storage space, with minimal wind noise.

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