Mobile hand washing for sanitation on the go

Tradie work can be dirty business, and finding somewhere to clean up can be tricky, especially if you’re on a building site or in a remote location. Thanks to the portable hand washing units from KRS, hot and cold water is an affordable reality no matter where you are.

The KRS Miniwash and Handiwash mobile hand washing units provide convenient, portable sanitation access. This is critical for anyone working around hazardous substances or in less than hygienic conditions, particularly as we fight to control the Novel Coronavirus around the globe.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the units are used extensively here and abroad in the EEC and USA.

Hand washing facilities in any location

High-quality construction from tough, UV-resistant polymers makes these units an affordable, low maintenance option suitable for indoors and out. With the largest water reservoir of any portable unit, the Handiwash is a must-have for those on the go.

Explore the range to discover the features of the Handiwash and Miniwash mobile washing stations from KRS Australia.

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  • Miniwash Mobile Hand Washing Unit

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  • Handiwash/Miniwash Hot & Cold Tap

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Making OH&S requirements easier to meet

A sound investment in good health

Mobile hand washing sinks can make all the difference for anyone working outdoors or with limited access to clean water. Whether you’re in agriculture or heavy industry working with chemicals, working outdoors with animals, or in construction where utilities may not be connected, KRS portable sinks ensure it’s always possible to clean your hands.

These units, used extensively by Telstra Australia, make it easier for you to meet your OH&S requirements in any location.

Advanced design features

KRS manufactures what are undoubtedly the most compact, easy to install and technologically advanced mobile hand wash units available. The Handiwash and Miniwash units carry 2-3 times more fresh water compared to other units of a similar size.

In addition, the Handiwash mobile hand wash basin comes with both a hot and cold water tap. This feature allows water to be heated up to 60C, ideal for rinsing cups or utensils to kill bacteria. Cold water can be added as required to allow safe hand washing temperatures.

Handiwash mobile hand washing station

  • 5.5kg empty
  • 14kg full
  • Water capacity 8.5L
  • 60°C (standard) or 44°C reduced hot water temperature options

Miniwash mobile hand washing station

  • 4.4kg empty
  • 10.3kg full
  • Water capacity 6.0L
  • 44° C hot water temperature

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features across the range of KRS mobile hand washing units:

  • easy to mount on any vertical surface
  • large filler opening to make filling and top ups easy
  • water level indicator so you can refill when water is accessible
  • water heating light to indicate when heating element is in use
  • thermostat controlled hot water on demand (44C or 60C)*
  • drain hose for quick and easy dispersion of used water
  • fold down basin that automatically drains water when folded back up
  • 12V or 24V options available**
  • protected by thermal overload safety device
  • strong, UV-resistant casing suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • greater water carrying capacity than other similar-sized units

* Only the Handiwash station comes with a 60C temperature option. Please be sure to select your preferred temperature setting when ordering this unit.

** KRS mobile hand washing stations are available to suit either a 12V or 24V power source. Please select your preferred option when placing your order.