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KRS PVC lockable end caps for secure storage

PVC pipes are an excellent way to transport fishing rods, tent poles, stakes and any other similar items that are awkward to fit in a standard vehicle.

KRS bazooka end caps are designed to transform regular PVC pipe into a lockable, affordable container to keep your contents protected. Made in Australia from recyclable, glass-filled nylon, these PVC pipe lockable end caps are available in black, or bright orange for increased visibility on the road.

Create flexible, secure storage for your vehicle

Strong and secure construction

Each KRS bazooka cap incorporates a stainless steel plate behind the exterior face. These have been crash-tested to withstand over 30G of force to keep your goods contained on impact.

For additional protection against theft, each conduit end cap can be secured with a padlock to keep everything locked up tight. This also gives you the option to use a combination lock if you don’t want to carry an additional set of keys to gain access.

Simple twist and lift operation

Forget dropping or losing PVC locking caps. KRS end caps feature a simple twist and lift design that keeps the cap firmly attached to the conduit at all times, while sitting clear of the opening. Once you’ve loaded or unloaded the conduit, simply close the lid and twist back into the locking position.

100mm & 150mm PVC pipe lockable end caps

The KRS PVC locking end caps come in two sizes to provide versatile storage options. The smaller cap suits 100mm PVC pipes, ideal for transporting narrower loads to minimise movement. The larger conduit locking end cap will fit 150mm pipes, making it a fantastic choice for fishing rods as the reel can also be securely housed within the pipe.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features in the KRS bazooka end caps:

  • internal stainless steel pivot plate for additional safety
  • crash-tested and rated to surpass 30G impact*
  • 100mm and 150mm diameters for greater flexibility
  • locks with padlock for maximum security
  • constructed from UV resistant and recyclable glass-filled nylon

The KRS lockable end caps for PVC pipe come in black, as well as hi-vis orange for clear visibility when transporting longer loads.

* Impact at 48.6kmph for 33ms, typical of crush pulse seen in real collision circumstances.

Lock it tight with KRS bazooka end caps

Whether you’re heading off for a spot of fishing and camping, or regularly carry long, fragile loads for your trade, KRS bazooka lockable end caps expand your transport options and keep your goods protected and secure.

Check out the product range to find the right PVC end cap for your needs.

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