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Pipe Clamps

What car do you drive?

The secure way to fix conduit & PVC pipe to your roof racks


  • Tough and strong quality aluminium clamps to hold your PVC securely.
  • Two piece interlock construction that easily fits onto most roof racks.


  • Will securely hold 100 or 150mm conduit / PVC pipe to KRS and other branded roof racks
  • Couple it with the lockable 100 or 150mm Bazooka End Cap for the perfect package

Be Warned !!

Clamps that do not interlock can slide apart. The interlocking KRS clamp was made in response to multiple failures of a competitors product, resulting in the bazooka tubes leaving the vehicle at speed. Don’t take chances … Be safe.

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  • Bazooka Clamps/PVC Pipe Clamps

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