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Lightweight, flexible panels to line van interiors

Constant loading, unloading and transportation of goods can leave commercial vans looking significantly worse for wear. Goods shifting or falling during transit can cause scratches, dents and other damage to the interior of cargo bays, also damaging your resale value.

To protect the interior of your van, KRS make a range of custom-cut van interior lining panels. Manufactured here in Australia, our interior wall liners are designed to perfectly fit most makes and models of commercial transit vans.

In addition to looking great, wall liners offer a range of other benefits. Covering the bare metal walls of your van with custom-fit masonite panels provides a layer of natural insulation.

This can reduce the noise levels in the interior of your van by muffling the sound of tools or equipment rattling around. And it can keep the interior of your van cooler during the hot Australian summers, and warmer across the winter months. If you regularly carry paints or chemicals, this can also moderate temperatures to provide more stable transport conditions and extend the lifetime of your materials.

Increase the durability of your van walls

Protect the walls of your van

If you spend a lot of time moving goods in and out of the back of a van, you’ll know it doesn’t take long for that wear and tear to take its toll. KRS wall panel kits are designed to limit that damage and extend the life and resale value of your commercial vehicle.

Made from masonite, an incredibly strong, yet flexible hardboard, this natural material can take the hard knocks. Masonite is manufactured from sawmill waste which is bonded with the timber’s own resins. The resulting material has enough flex to be resistant to splitting or cracking, making it an ideal buffer for your van walls.

IN the event that a panel does suffer damage from a bad hit, or spillage, it can be easily removed and replaced – unlike the panels of your van’s actual body.

Computer-cut for a precision fit

KRS Australian-made wall liners are cut using computer guidance to perfectly fit your van’s make and model every time. This guarantees your wall panels will fit snugly into wall recesses and around wheel wells and anchor points. You can also order panelling to fit the interior surface of your van’s doors.

Once your van is fitted with custom-cut wall liners, you’ll have flat, impact-resistant side walls to make sliding and stacking cargo a much easier job. It also gives you the perfect surface to install shelving or storage units to house all your tools and equipment.

Fast, easy installation

If you’ve attempted your own van conversion by lining a van with plywood wall panels, you’ll know how difficult it can be to precisely measure, cut and install this rigid material.

With KRS van lining panels, all the hard work is done for you. Our flexible, high-strength masonite panels are cut to measure, ready to install. Each panel kit includes purpose-built fasteners so all you need to do is attach the panels to the interior of your van.

Simply supply the make and model of your van to receive a full set of wall liners, cut to size and ready for use. Depending on the type of van you drive, custom door liners may also be available for the rear door or your vehicle.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features across the KRS wall liner range:

  • computer-cut for a precision fit to your specific make and model of van
  • protects against scratches, dents, spills and incidental damage
  • high tensile, flexible material to fit shape of van
  • impact resistant to absorb shock
  • resistant to splitting or splintering
  • no synthetic chemicals used to bond wood fibres
  • environmentally friendly
  • quick and easy to install
  • supplied with purpose-built fasteners


Get the best from your cargo bay

KRS masonite van wall and door liners provide excellent protection for the outer panels of your van. We also make custom-fit plywood panel van floors to add further protection and stability to your cargo bay.

Explore the range for the right products to extend the life and resale value of your transit vehicle.

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