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Interlocking PVC pipe clamps to keep things in place

Sick of your PVC pipe slipping out of place, or clamps that fail altogether during transit? The unique, interlocking design of our PVC pipe clamp brackets for roof racks ensures they can’t slide apart – even under force.

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminium with stainless steel mounting brackets, each clamp features the KRS “positive lock” design to keep brackets firmly secured, minimising movement and damage to your pipes.

The safe and sturdy way to fasten conduit and PVC pipes

Rigorously tried and tested

Most pipe clamps that fit roof racks will do the job under ideal driving conditions, but what happens when you have to brake suddenly, or worse, are involved in a collision? Will those same clamps keep your load secure, or turn them into a dangerous projectile?

Australian-made KRS aluminium pipe clamps have undergone extensive testing to simulate crash conditions. The innovative interlocking design can withstand forces above 20G without the closing mechanism slipping or failing, unlike other clamps tested under the same conditions which failed to stay closed or keep their loads firmly in place.

Quality construction

KRS pipe clamps are made from high-quality aluminium to provide great strength without additional weight. The internal surface of the clamp also features small ridges to create additional grip and further reduce slippage while goods are in transit.

Each pipe clamp kit includes a strong, durable two-piece aluminium clamp and non-corrosive stainless steel mounting brackets that will fit most branded roof racks. Pipe clamp kits are sold singularly, in pairs or packs of three for your convenience.

Multiple options

Available in both 100mm and 150mm diameters, you’ll be assured a snug, secure fit for standard PVC piping. For narrower pipe or conduit, stack these inside a larger pipe and secure with lockable KRS bazooka end caps. The interlocking clamp closure and steel plate housed within the end cap make for safe and easy transit.

Design features

You’ll find many intelligent design features included in the KRS pipe clamps:

  • lightweight aluminium construction
  • interlocking design to firmly secure clamps together
  • holds loads fast at impacts surpassing 20G
  • will securely hold 100mm and 150mm diameter conduit
  • easy to fit to most branded roof racks, including the KRS roof rack range
  • engineered from fully recyclable material

Quality aluminium pipe clamps, Australia

KRS has built a solid reputation for engineering quality products. Our pipe clamps are manufactured in Australia and have been developed to keep loads firmly affixed under hard braking or even collisions.

Whether your vehicle is fitted with KRS roof racks or another brand, our innovative interlocking pipe clamps will keep your load secure.

  • Bazooka Clamps/PVC Pipe Clamps

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